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Silver Keychains

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Custom Logo Sterling Silver Plated Teardrop Keyring

Item Code: CLK6035
Min. Quantity: 100
1.93 - 2.47

Sterling silver chrome with brushed metal center plate. Includes free engraving, engraves tone-on-to..

Custom Logo 2-Tone Metal Key Tag

Item Code: CLK2615
Min. Quantity: 100
3.60 - 4.40

Matte Silver with color trim and back ..

Custom Logo Aluminum Tire Gauge Key Ring

Item Code: CLK675
Min. Quantity: 100
3.53 - 4.47

These pocket-sized colorful tire gauges make perfect "traveling companions." Each is constructed of ..

Custom Logo Aluminum Whistle Keyring

Item Code: CLK6130
Min. Quantity: 250
1.07 - 1.60

Anodized aluminum whistle with keyring. Includes free engraving, engraves silver.  2 1/2" L ..

Custom Logo Anodized Aluminum Bottle Opener Keyring

Item Code: CLK5735
Min. Quantity: 100
1.27 - 1.67

Anodized aluminum. Opens bottles. Includes free engraving, engraves silver.  4" L x 5/8" W ..

Custom Logo Anodized Aluminum Bottle Opener Keyring

Item Code: CLK5860
Min. Quantity: 100
1.00 - 1.47

Anodized aluminum. Opens bottles. Includes free engraving, engraves silver.  2 1/4" L x 7/16" W..

Custom Logo Anodized Silver Snap-In Keytag - 2-3/8"x3-5/8" -

Item Code: CLK1505
Min. Quantity: 144
2.05 - 2.41

Anodized, Snap In, 2"x2 7/8" Photo Insert, Photo Display, Photograph Holder, Snap Shot, Rectangle, L..

Custom Logo Barlow Silver Twist Lock Key Separator

Item Code: CLK7390
Min. Quantity: 100
5.34 - 5.70

Split Ring, Round Ring, Metal Ring, Key Holder, Twist Lock, Separator, Circular, Barlow, Key Fob, Ke..

Custom Logo Deluxe Rectangular Keytag

Item Code: CLK1420
Min. Quantity: 100
5.12 - 5.98

Deluxe, Metal, Brushed Finish, Rectangle, Holder, Tag, Metal Ring, Split Ring, End Tab, Round, Circl..

Custom Logo GoodValue Silver Twist-Lock Keyholder

Item Code: CLK7380
Min. Quantity: 100
4.12 - 4.21

GoodValue, Twist Lock, Round Ring, Metal Ring, Circular, Key Holder, Barlow, Twist Action, Key Fob, ..

Custom logo Leather & Silver Keyring

Item Code: CLK6080
Min. Quantity: 100
2.47 - 3.13

Silver plated latch and keyring. Leather strap. Includes free engraving. Arrives in a black gift box..

Custom Logo Matte Silver Separating Key Ring

Item Code: CLK6830
Min. Quantity: 100
5.00 - 6.20

Separating key ring with matte silver finish, chrome trims in a clean, sharp design.  4" W x 1"..

Custom Logo Metal Key Tag w/ Matte Color Finish Body

Item Code: CLK14090
Min. Quantity: 150
3.58 - 5.98

Polished chrome metal body with polished plate, split ring.  3 3/8" H x 1 3/8" W x 1/8" D ..

Custom Logo Mirror Finish Ticket Key Tag

Item Code: CLK9570
Min. Quantity: 200
2.40 - 2.67

Reflective Surface, Reflective Finish, Key Tag, Rectangle, Split Ring, Metal Ring, Multi Key Holder,..

Custom Logo Modern Key Ring

Item Code: CLK6295
Min. Quantity: 250
2.73 - 3.07

Rectangular classic polished metal key ring. Brushed surface brings elegance to laser engraved copy ..

Custom Logo Oval Die Cast Metal Domed Key Tag

Item Code: CLK13150
Min. Quantity: 150
2.73 - 2.80

Die cast metal domed key tags with silver 1 5/16" split ring, included. These great promotional prod..

Custom Logo Oval Premium Key Ring

Item Code: CLK3425
Min. Quantity: 100
4.67 - 7.24

Customize your message with our high polished silver key rings. Premium material encases your messag..

Custom Logo PhotoVision Premium Oval Key Ring

Item Code: CLK6360
Min. Quantity: 250
2.65 - 3.05

Full color imprint. Classic, satin finish metal key ring. Imprint area is protected by a durable pol..

Custom Logo Pull-n-Twist Silver Metal Keychain w/2 Black Stripes

Item Code: CLK10775
Min. Quantity: 100
3.33 - 4.47

Pull n twist key holder with matte silver finish and attractive black accents. Keychain is packed in..

Custom Logo Rectangle Chrome Collection Keychain

Item Code: CLK2605
Min. Quantity: 100
2.53 - 3.13

Elegant 2-Tone silver design. ..