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Metal Keychains

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Custom Logo Sterling Silver Plated Teardrop Keyring

Item Code: CLK6035
Min. Quantity: 100
1.93 - 2.47

Sterling silver chrome with brushed metal center plate. Includes free engraving, engraves tone-on-to..

Custom Logo Alexander Metal Keyholder Engraved with Your Logo

Item Code: CLK1152
Min. Quantity: 100
1.56 - 2.16

High Gloss Plastic Case with Shiny Gunmetal Engraving Surface. In 2-Piece Black Gift Box. Material: ..

Custom Logo Anodized Aluminum Oval Keyring

Item Code: CLK6045
Min. Quantity: 100
2.67 - 3.33

Anodized aluminum oval keyring with chrome spinner. Includes free engraving. ..

Custom Logo Apple Keychain

Item Code: CLK500
Min. Quantity: 50
5.33 - 6.67

Apple, Metal, Link, Round Ring, Stem, Leaf, Key Tag, Key Holder, Split Ring, 1 5/8" W x 5/8" H ..

Custom Logo Chrome Disk Key Ring w/ Leather Strap

Item Code: CLK6930
Min. Quantity: 100
5.27 - 6.47

The perfect combination of sleek chrome and classic leather to create a cool keyring! The leather st..

Custom Logo Chrome Infini Metal Key Holder

Item Code: CLK10630
Min. Quantity: 100
2.20 - 2.87

The Chrome Infini Keyholder is an all metal key holder which comes in a matte finish with chrome acc..

Custom Logo Chrome Key Ring w/ Cable Wire

Item Code: CLK6900
Min. Quantity: 100
3.34 - 6.00

Unique chrome key ring with cable wire key keeper.  1 1/4" W x 3" H ..

Custom Logo Chrome key tag with panel shape.

Item Code: CLK14120
Min. Quantity: 250
2.65 - 5.38

Key tag. Polished chrome metal body with color center plate. Large split ring. ..

Custom Logo Chrome Plated Pill Case Key Ring

Item Code: CLK740
Min. Quantity: 100
3.80 - 5.13

This heavyweight, solid brass keyring is chrome/nickel-plated and features a concealed plastic vial ..

Custom Logo Chrome Rectangular Key Ring

Item Code: CLK6905
Min. Quantity: 100
2.62 - 3.02

Key ring with rectangular shape and chrome finish.  1 1/4" W x 3" H ..

Custom Logo Circular Metal Key Tag

Item Code: CLK8650
Min. Quantity: 250
2.47 - 4.10

6 Different Shapes.  1 1/2" W x 3" H ..

Custom Logo Color Magic Key Tag (1 1/2")

Item Code: CLK11235
Min. Quantity: 200
2.80 - 3.30

Oval Color Magic Key Tag (1 1/2").  1 1/2" Diameter ..

Custom Logo Colorful Translucent Key Ring

Item Code: CLK6770
Min. Quantity: 200
2.46 - 2.70

Key ring with split ring, colorful translucent strap and a shiny nickel tag.  4 1/2" W x 1" H ..

Custom Logo Custom Magic Key Chain

Item Code: CLK7105
Min. Quantity: 250
3.00 - 3.69

Price includes 2D custom shape 2-sided emblem on a hand-polished, solid pewter keychain with magic k..

Custom Logo Custom Oval Dynamic Keychain

Item Code: CLK7110
Min. Quantity: 100
3.04 - 4.56

Includes 2D custom shape key chain and split ring. Die includes both sides of frame and rotating pie..

Custom Logo Custom Solid Pewter 2D Keychain

Item Code: CLK7035
Min. Quantity: 250
3.58 - 3.98

Price includes 2D custom shape with a one or two-sided logo and a split ring attachment. Up to 2"x1"..

Custom Logo Deluxe Rectangular Keytag

Item Code: CLK1420
Min. Quantity: 100
5.12 - 5.98

Deluxe, Metal, Brushed Finish, Rectangle, Holder, Tag, Metal Ring, Split Ring, End Tab, Round, Circl..

Custom Logo Detachable Key Tag

Item Code: CLK12260
Min. Quantity: 100
4.03 - 4.81

Laser Engraved only! Matte nickel finish. Engraving color may vary due to product and underlayment c..

Custom Logo Droplet Economy Metal Key Holder

Item Code: CLK2130
Min. Quantity: 100
1.73 - 2.40

Droplet economy matte finish with chrome accents key holder. Gift box included with all metal key ho..

Custom Logo Elite Bottle Opener Metal Keyholder

Item Code: CLK2080
Min. Quantity: 100
2.27 - 2.93

Bottle opener with key holder. Polished chrome finish metal body with polished plate offers an elega..